5 interesting things (28/08/2016)

Joel test for Data Science – the inspiration and adjustment to data science done in Domino, both were interesting reads for me.

What I Wish I Knew About Data For Startups – I speciialy related to documenting and testing events tracking. I was surpsirsed about how little this topic and its best practices are discussed.

A Paper a week keeps the doctor a way? Git repository by Shagun Sodhani who summarizes and sometimes comment those papers.

Inside Elasticsearch – 3 parts blog series about how elasicsearch work.

Is it brunch time? Someone is finally asking the important questions in life… defining brunch time using on twitter tweets timing. I liked the method  used to define the interval of lunch which requires no more than high school math and also the question. From anthropological point of view it is interesting for me to see if different locations in the world define breakfast \ brunch \ lunch in different time. I.e in Spain people each lunch at 14 while in Israel they eat at 12. Also maybe interesting to compare tweets with pictures to tweets without pictures. My assumptions is that tweet without pictures are people on the way to brunch and would be a bit earlier comparing to tweets with pictures which are tweeted during the brunch.

Bonus track – Prediction.io is now an Apache project (incubating). After few changes in the last few month – being bought by Sales Force, fork by ActionML, etc. Sales Force donated Predicion.io to ASF. Looking forward for the future of this project.