5 interesting things (25/04/2023)

Load balancing – excellent explanations and visualizations about load balancing and different approaches. I wish for follow-up posts about caching and stickiness that influence performance and practical setups – how to set loaded balancers in AWS under those considerations.


visitdata  – A terminal interface for exploring and arranging tabular data. I played with this tool a bit, it is very promising and, at the same time, has a stiff learning curve (think vi) that might keep people away.


Software accessibility for users with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) – software accessibility is a topic that I always try to keep in mind. The usual software accessibility patterns refer to visual impairment, e.g., color contrast, font size, etc. This post tackles the accessibility topic from the prism users with ADHD, and I find it groundbreaking. I find that the suggested patterns (e.g., recently opened subscription reminders, etc.) are primarily suitable UX for all users, not just those with ADHD.


Minimum Viable Process – I liked the post very much and the following point was the one I relate the most to – Minimum Viable Process process is iterative – processes and procedures must be constantly refined. Processes should evolve along with the company and serve the company rather then the company serve the process.


Interactive Calendar Heatmaps with Python — The Easiest Way You’ll Find – always wanted to create a GitHub-like activity visualization? Great, use plotly-calplot for that. See the example here –