5 interesting things (13/08/2018)

JQ cook book – I find myself using JQ quite often and sometimes to more complex things than just filtering fields.


Bonus point – list of text-based file formats and command line tools for manipulating each – https://github.com/dbohdan/structured-text-tools

Missingno – Missing data visualization module for Python. This package offers a variety of visualization to understand the missing data in your data set and the correlations between the absent of different properties.


Add time order in Recommendation system – the meaning of time order in this context is item x should be followed by item y. E.g for tv series – chapter 1 should be viewed before chapter 2. I don’t know if it is state of the art work in this domain but it is nice and should be relatively easy to implement when the prerequisite graph is unknown.


Cognitive bias are everywhere – and this time who they affect you management performance. Referring to the last 2 points in the summary – “Establish trust and openness with your peers and reports” – I’m a big believer in 1:1s, I found this resource bundle here. “Understand motivational theory, especially intrinsic motivation” – maybe the most important thing I learned being a scout leader is that every person have different motivation, you cannot lead others by what motivate you. Understanding this made a big change on how I view the world.


Want to Improve Your Productivity at Work? Take a Cooking Class – on general I really like when interdisciplinary ideas mix and this is an interesting thought about the topic. The point that was most interesting for me was “Set your mise-en-place”. I see it a bit different \ wider from the writer – as a manager you should sometimes prepare the “mise-en-place” for your team. If they need to integrate with external service – take care of the NDA, API documentation, etc. Requirements and design can also sometimes viewed as “mise-en-place” for developers.