Spark, EMR, Lambda, AWS

I know the title of this post looks like a collection of buzz words but there is code behind it. AWS Lambda function is a service which allow you to create an action (in this example add an EMR step) according to all kind of events. Such events can be cron expressions or schedule event […]

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5 interesting things (13/02/2016)

Ads @ stackoverflow – Steve from Stackoverflow ad managment team explains their view about ads on the site. This is a very user centric approach along with strong branding and differentiating themselves. This approach is not scalable for a sites with many topics and diverse audience but it fits their niche. Serverless Python web […]

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Swiss Python Summit 2016

I participated in Swiss Python Summit today, where I gave a talk about “Python’s guide to the Galaxy”. Code and slides are available in my GitHub. All the talk were recorded and they will probably be online within a few hours \ days. Beside the best signs I can think of the program was great […]

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