5 interesting things (17/01/2019)

How to Grow Neat Software Architecture out of Jupyter Notebooks – jupyter notebooks is a very common tool used by data scientist. However, the gap between this code to production or to reusing it is sometimes big. How can we over come this gap? See some ideas in this post. https://github.com/guillaume-chevalier/How-to-Grow-Neat-Software-Architecture-out-of-Jupyter-Notebooks High-performance medicine: the convergence […]

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5 interesting things (4/11/2018)

Deep density networks and uncertainty in recommender systems – Yoel Zeldes and Inbar Naor from Taboola engineering team published a series of posts (4 so far) about uncertainty in models – where this uncertainty comes from, how one can explore and use this uncertainty, etc. This post series relates to a paper they present in the workshop in […]

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5 interesting things (13/08/2018)

JQ cook book – I find myself using JQ quite often and sometimes to more complex things than just filtering fields. https://github.com/stedolan/jq/wiki/Cookbook Bonus point – list of text-based file formats and command line tools for manipulating each – https://github.com/dbohdan/structured-text-tools Missingno – Missing data visualization module for Python. This package offers a variety of visualization to […]

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