5 interesting things (16/05/2023)

Women’s health research lacks funding – these charts show how – not a proper tech link but – I liked the infographic very much (it missed some hovering features) and believe this is an important topic.


Farewell to the Era of Cheap EC2 Spot Instances – spot instances were the holy grail of cloud cost reduction and required a suitable architecture to accommodate it. While the cloud vendors suggest more and more ways to reduce cost, this well seems to dry out and it is backed with data about 5.5 million spot instances they spun over almost seven months. I don’t know if it is the end of spot instances, but something goes on.


Uptime Guarantees — A Pragmatic Perspective – great down-to-earth analysis of uptime and the meaning of each additional nine –


Evidence – Business Intelligence as Code – this project intrigued me. Developers often struggle with creating visualizations, the UI of most of the tools is confusing and complex for sporadic use, maybe evidence will unleash it for developers –


How to Debug – “The missing Semester of your CS education” (here) influenced how I think of juniors and recently graduated employees. Debugging is a skill you usually don’t learn during formal studies and is essential in the industry. This post is a good starting point in the journey of debugging –