5 interesting things (4/11/2018)

Deep density networks and uncertainty in recommender systems – Yoel Zeldes and Inbar Naor from Taboola engineering team published a series of posts (4 so far) about uncertainty in models – where this uncertainty comes from, how one can explore and use this uncertainty, etc. This post series relates to a paper they present in the workshop in […]

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5 interesting things (13/08/2018)

JQ cook book – I find myself using JQ quite often and sometimes to more complex things than just filtering fields. https://github.com/stedolan/jq/wiki/Cookbook Bonus point – list of text-based file formats and command line tools for manipulating each – https://github.com/dbohdan/structured-text-tools Missingno – Missing data visualization module for Python. This package offers a variety of visualization to […]

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Map Spark UDAF (Java)

I run Spark code on Java. I had data with the following schema – And I wanted to get a single record for a user which has the following schema – Attached the user defined aggregation function I wrote to achieve it. Before that –

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Code Challenges Anti-Patterns

Code challenges are a common tool to evaluate candidate ability to develop software. Of course there are other indicators such as – blog posting, open source involvement, github repository, personal recommendations, etc. Yet, code challenges are frequently used. I recently got to check some code challenges and was surprised from some of the things I found […]

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