The Shogun Machine Learning Toolbox

EuroPython talk by: Heiko Strathmann,   Strathmann presented the Shogun toolbox. Shogun is a Machine Learning toolbox which implement most of the common supervised and unsupervised algorithms. Shogun is implemented in C++ and interacts with Python as well as with Java, Ruby, Matlab, Lau, etc. Shogun is meant to run on single machine […]

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Log everything with logstash and elasticsearch

EuroPython talk by: Peter Hoffmann, @peterhoffmann   A talk by Peter Hoffmann from Blue Yonder which is one of the sponsors of the conference.   Another very good talk by an experienced speaker. However the name  is kind of misleading. Yes – logstash and elasticsearch were mentioned however to main concept of the talk was really logging […]

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Awesome *

Are we going back? In the past week I have bumped into two github repositories such as awesome-python and awesome-sysadmin. Both repositories do a great job and compose and interesting list \ index of relevant tools. However, this made me feel that we are going back. Those indices reminded me the pre-search-engines days or shell […]

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