Graph Databases, a little connected tour

EuroPython talk by: Francisco Fernández Castaño
The talk was classified as novice and so it was – very basic graph database ideas.
Castaño started by presenting the general idea of graph databases and showing some use cases.
One of the most known use cases – social media data, friends-of-friends.
Then he presented Neo4j which is graph database written in Java but originally was written in Python. Neo4j is known to be very scalable and to support ACID transactions. Another nice property about Neo4j is the ability to extend the give rest API but your own needs.
The next part of talked focused on the cypher language – which is the way to query the Neo4j database. Neo4j have some nice UI properties and I really missed some reference or example for that on this talk.
Last but not least tip given in the talk, you can try Neo4j without having to install it on your machine – (free sand box of up to 1k nodes and 10k edges).

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