5 interesting things (23/07/2015)

Diversity in tech? This post describe a black woman’s experience in the Stanford Computer Science Major. As part of TOA events I went to Zalando’s diversity in tech panel last week. So I got to think about this subject for a while both from my situation – foreign women in tech, not speaking the local language and […]

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Database debate

As part of the Berlin Tech Open Air events I want to the “Database debate” in DC Media networks. The two sides of the debate were Simon Willnauer, lead engineer of ElasticSearch and co-founder of Elasticand Carter Page, technical lead for Google BigTable. The talk was hosted by DC Media networks employee and was navigated really well with nice questions […]

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5 interesting things (10/07/2015)

Three Useful Python Libraries for Startups – tl;dr this post suggest Whitenoise, Phonenumbers and Pdfki as 3 important packages for startups and requests and Python-dateutil as runner-ups. IMHO, those are very strange choices. I agree with choosing requests as a package that simplify http requests and which is important to infrastructure. I expected the other […]

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