Database debate

As part of the Berlin Tech Open Air events I want to the “Database debate” in DC Media networks. The two sides of the debate were Simon Willnauer, lead engineer of ElasticSearch and co-founder of Elasticand Carter Page, technical lead for Google BigTable.

The talk was hosted by DC Media networks employee and was navigated really well with nice questions and interactions between Willnauer and Page. However it was not a “Database debate” at least for two reasons. ElasticSearch currently does not brand itself as a database and as admitted by Willnauer is not mature enough. Therefore it was not a debate – no pros and cons, no one against the other. But rather two solutions for different problems which both somehow relate to the buzzword “big data”.

Some expected questions were asked – use-cases, road map and future features, bug fixes, comparison to other solutions. But also less expected questions – what would you do different if rebuilding the product, pitfalls of beginners and some more technical deep dive questions asked by the audience.

One of the nice questions asked by the host was – “What is the weirdest usage you have seen to your product”. Willnauer answered – “playing chess with it using near neighbor to compute the next step”. Following Call me maybe project I though of “Call me checkmate” project – playing chess using different databases.

Overall, very nice and chill atmosphere. Although I’m not sure why it is called open air..


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