5 interesting things (23/07/2015)

Diversity in tech? This post describe a black woman’s experience in the Stanford Computer Science Major. As part of TOA events I went to Zalando’s diversity in tech panel last week. So I got to think about this subject for a while both from my situation – foreign women in tech, not speaking the local language and from a wider point of view. Having women in Universities (and any other population) is a necessary condition (but not sufficient)  to having diversity in tech.

Invitation to Scala
 – this post tries to make Scala less intimidating for  Scala beginners. May the force be with him (and with me)

 – Python powered dashboards. I’m always excited about visualization tools. It is built with Pandas data frame in mind and therefore should be relatively intuitive for data scientist which uses python.

Cloudera Ibis
 – Cloudera reveals Ibis project which is aimed to give python end-to-end pipelines specially for data scientist with in the well known PyLab eco-system (pandas, scikit-learn, scipy, etc).

Clustering check-ins with Spark and Cassandra
 – the title is self explanatory… Loading check-ins data data to Cassandra, analyzing it with Spark and visualizing it with zeppelin. All in all a reasonable data product pipeline put together beautifully



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