5 interesting things (18/02/2022)

What to Do When You Are Less Productive Than Your Teammates? I know Miri for a while and she has a very unique and sensitive point of view. This post is worth reading even if you don’t share this feeling. It has some advice I find practical and it can help you better understand your colleagues and friends that might feel this way.


Wordle — What Is Statistically the Best Word to Start the Game With? Wordle conquered the world in the last few months therefore there must be a data science aspect to it.


Bonus – https://mobile.twitter.com/bertiearbon/status/1484948347890847744

How I Discovered Thousands of Open Databases on AWS – In the last few months I have been training my security muscle to be more security aware both from infrastructure and code perspective and this is a great reminder why.


Top 10 Tips You Should Know As A Modern Software Architect – lately I tried to avoid such posts because I find


Optimizing Workspace for Productivity, Focus, & Creativity – I think one of the things covid19 enabled us is to better question and adjust our workspace to our needs. This post shares some research, advice, and tips about the topic. The low ceiling vs high ceiling hooked me and I’m going to use those effects to better navigate discussions. After years of talking about it, I ordered a standup desk last week and I’m eager for it to arrive.



10 years ago

10 years ago today I started working in Taykey and it was a life-changing experience. Let’s take few steps back.

Before joining Taykey I completed my master’s and worked for 2 years at a student position for a big corporation on the border between software a d hardware. I was very mediocre at my job, I could not relate to the product, to the company, or to the technology. At that point, it was clear to me that I would stay in academia and just wanted to complete two years for the CV. The experience at the corporate fed my doubts regarding my fitness to this profession.

Roughly a year later, I bumped into a colleague from the corporate (let’s call him O1) who told me that the startup he is working for is hiring a research engineer. His timing was perfect as I needed to decide whether to continue pursuing a Ph.D. or not. Tl;dr – I didn’t and I joined Taykey a few months later.

Taykey was analyzing trends on social networks and used them for optimizing advertisements. Joining Taykey was a life-changing experience for me. For the first time, I coded in Python, a higher-level language compared to C++ and Java. I worked with lambda functions when they were fresh out of the oven and packing dependencies were cumbersome (and almost impossible to add NumPy as it was bigger than 50Mb). I wrote a low-level map reduce code before Spark was everywhere and had to consider the key distribution for optimization. I took Andrew Ng’s machine learning course in Coursera in its initial version.

E was my manager when I joined Taykey he made me feel confident in my skills, was always attentive, and gave me very helpful feedback and tips. O2, who managed me for a while pushed me to try and experience new technologies and ideas and helped me stop fearing from code. I only mentioned my direct managers above but all of that couldn’t have happened without great colleagues.

Lesson learned – as Rabbi Carlebach said – “A child needs one adult that would believe in him/her”. Luckily in this context, I had a few but I needed to get an initial push.

Lesson learned 2 – sometimes exploration is required and it might be hard. Looking back I believe I needed the experience in corporate to distill what I was looking for, what environment would help me flourish.

Ever since I worked for small startups and that’s where I feel at my best. Refining it even more I prefer products with added value.

For the past 3 years+- I am part of Baot community. Boat is Israel’s largest community of senior software engineers, data scientists, and researchers that are women. Many discussions in Boat are eye-opening for me, the dilemmas that were raised there are relevant to me and I feel it is a safe place to ask for advice and share my knowledge and experience.

Lesson learned 3 – being part of a community makes a difference.

Coming a full circle (or maybe I should say ellipse) in the last year and a half O1 is my direct manager and O2 is my CEO and I keep pushing my limits and enjoying it.