5 interesting things (10/07/2015)

Three Useful Python Libraries for Startups – tl;dr this post suggest Whitenoise, Phonenumbers and Pdfki as 3 important packages for startups and requests and Python-dateutil as runner-ups. IMHO, those are very strange choices. I agree with choosing requests as a package that simplify http requests and which is important to infrastructure. I expected the other packages as well to relate to infrastructure. Possibly libraries I would think of – django and boto. Possibly also numpy and \ or pandas for very common statistic and analysis use cases.


Trending @ Instagram – I used to work on a very similar problem to this one and facing almost the same challenges – ranking and scoring, grouping. It is always interesting to see how different people approach the same problem which I know intimately.


Git from the inside out – version control is very important tool in the everyday life so it is nice to look into one possible implementation of it.


Document clustering with Python – simple, clear howto guide which both explain the theory lightly, examine several clustering algorithms and sums up with visualizations.


Deploying python packages @ Nylas – I love such posts which explain the real life problem they faced, suggest several solution \ possible alternative and their pros and cons and show what and why they eventually choose. Specifically as I believe every python developer run onto those problems at least once (a day :))



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