5 interesting things (26/06/2015)

Spark Summit 2015 Highlights in Tweets – Spark summit was held in San Francisco this week (15-17 June). Euro-Spark summit will be held on 27-29 October call for papers is open. This presentation is a brief of the highlights of different talks. I believe that (if not already) most of the talks and presentations will be available online soon.

How to implement neural network – somehow, neural networks are not fully supported by scikit-learn (probably will happen in the future) and there are several alternative such as PyBrain (not sure if it is maintained), PyLearn2, theano and so on.This tutorial is Neural Network DIY. It is both a technical-python guide and a step-by-step neural network reminder.http://peterroelants.github.io/posts/neural_network_implementation_part01/

Designing large scale python application – Talk by M.A Lumberg, Python core developer, in PyWaw summit. He also talked as a keynote about – “Past, present and future of Python”, I intend to hear that one when I have sometime.


The artpiece of command line – I’m a geek, I admit it and I like working from the command line (we love you Tom).  Both for small data science things (sum, average, uniq, etc.) and for checking up what is going on in my system (atop, ps, etc.). I fell I should keep this repository not more than a click a way.


Mattermost – mattermost is an open source alternative for Slack. In one of the organizations I worked introducing Slack changed the entire communication in the organization. People were sharing more of their ideas, thoughts, results and got involved into additional projects. Still some features made me feel inconvenient like preferring Slack over documentation, using external servers and hard to search \ backup. I therefore find it very exciting to have an open source alternative that will improve both products.



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