5 interesting things (18/7/2014)

A\B Testing – No need to say that A\B is a very hot buzz word in the industry. A\B tests were used long ago in psychology but today there are much more accessible and easy to set. The following series of posts (one is still not publish) describe 5 simple guide lines for A\B testing.


Shellify – decorator which turns Python models into shell. I don’t see an everyday usage to it, maybe on developing but it has a high coolness factor which is important as well.


Code review without your glasses – I like this post because in my humble opinion it is very creative, beyond the box. It is also a good reminder about about what to notice in code review.


Side kick – the last link reminded me of rubber duck debugging and on the way I found this – http://rubberduckreview.com/

Deployment academy – a series of posts by Rainforest in their blog. This time a post about “zero downtime database migrations”. The post is simple and easy to understand and answer a common issues in the life of a developer. Of course, practices and specific problems differ from one organization to another but the core ideas are as is.



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