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Are we going back?

In the past week I have bumped into two github repositories such as awesome-python and awesome-sysadmin. Both repositories do a great job and compose and interesting list \ index of relevant tools.

However, this made me feel that we are going back. Those indices reminded me the pre-search-engines days or shell I say the BME days (before modern era ;). Specifically this reminded me of Alta Vista (but also other indices sites – do you recall Lycos?) where all the links where indexed under some category and sub categories and one should have dig in those categories to find what he looked for.

Aren’t the search engines today strong enough to answer the query “python machine learning package”?. Is human indexing really our resort? I don’t really think so. I believe in the power of the human behind the machine and their ability to build a good enough searching engines. Those indices can be very useful but I would rather have them built automatically and not manually.


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