5 interesting things (23/6/2014)

Celery best practices – python celery package is on my “todo list” once I have a relevant task. However, some of the thoughts and ideas which are talked about in this post are more general regarding software engineering. 


Keep calm and learn d3.js – d3.js is also something which is on my “todo list”. I used it randomly here-and-there but would like to do it better (and also to gain some deeper experience with JS). However, this is a very nice tutorial to start with d3.js.


DBSCAN well explained – unsupervised learning sometimes feels like no man’s land and k-means is almost always the choice when picking a clustering algorithm. This post not only does a great job by explaining the algorithm itself but it also gives great examples and show how to adjust the parameters. 


Machine learning in Airbnb – This post is a case study of machine learning as it is used in Airbnb. I like reading such posts because it is interesting to learn about the challenges other organizations face and about their solutions and how they use existing tools and packages and adjust and optimize them to their need (in this post – scikit learn and re-writing R export function in c++).


Current events – world cup predictions – as I love both sports and machine learning, statistics and so forth there are several posts which try to employ ML techniques to predict world cup results. The most interesting post I read so far is Nate Silver’s post. It takes many features into account and explain them clearly.



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