5 interesting things (25/02/2016)

Caffe On Spark – if it pretty clear that on of the next steps for Spark MLLib is to add deep learning. There are several deep learning frameworks out there and I guess few (if not all of them) will try to integrate with Spark on one way or another and in the end “the fittest will survive”, i.e. will be officially supported by Spark. What will that be? my guess is an Apache project, maybe SINGA, maybe a popular project that will become an Apache project. However, other extensions will continue to exist for specific use-cases and for users who prefer specific frameworks (e.g. reusing already existing code).


Kibana plugins basics – I discovered this post while looking for a way to add a reasonable KPI visualization for elasticsearch. This is actually a series of 4 posts going over how to write and deploy (i.e. register) a custom Kibana plugin. Unfortunately we use AWS Elasticsearch service which does not (currently) support customized plugins and therefore we suspend it for now.


Bonus track – creating traffic light visualization – http://logz.io/blog/kibana-visualizations/

Thoughtsworks radar – every few months Thoughtsworks publish their technology rating. There are 4 ratings – adopt, trail, asses and hold. The products / tools / methodology are divided to 4 groups – techinques, tools, platforms and languages and frameworks. It is specially interesting to see how ranks change over time. I found database products to be a little under represented. I guess there is also a bit of bias towards tools and companies they work with but nonetheless it is a interesting read.


. files – dot files are a common way to set all kind of configurations from .gitignore to .bashrc and everything in the middle. You probably have your configuration that you like and copy it from project to project. You still might find this repository helpful as it collects common configuration settings –


Bonus track – git ignore by programming language


SQL tabs – simple but get the job done. Yet another visualization tool above postgresql. Super simple installation and start up (on mac os environment) even for non technical people.



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