5 interesting things (16/5/2014)

MailPin -Turn an email to a web page –  For me it is a cool tool that I probably won’t use but it is cool and that is also important  thing those days.
10 years to LiMux project – “How Munich switched 15,000 PCS from Windows to Linux”. Interesting both on the technological aspect and both on the sociological \ anthropological aspect.
Why Python is Slow: Looking Under the Hood: I really like posts which help me understand better what I’m doing and this one is also very well written. Through Python Weekly.
How to Marry The Right Girl: A Mathematical Solution: I must admit that I don’t like those kind of posts or at least their header. I feel they are very sexist not to say misanthropic. However, there was one point which I relate to in this post but on a different scope  work interviews. Doing some work interviews lately, my gut feeling is that being in the first group really harm the chances of getting hired. Many interviewers don’t really know what exactly they are looking for and refine their requirements only after several interviews. To conclude the content was interesting but could be written in a different tone.
The Economics of Kickstart project: Crowd-funding is one of the latest trends. As in everything there are both advantages and disadvantages. One of the main advantages as I see it is the global exposure to one’s ideas. The down side of this advantage is that it eases the way to still ideas (some my call it inspiration). More over it does not really clearly if it is always profitable as expected. More about it in the attached post.

One thought on “5 interesting things (16/5/2014)

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