5 interesting things (2/6/2014)

Tell me your name and I’ll tell you your age – playing with data and a conditioned distribution  


Analysis of Over 2,000 Computer Science Professors at Top Universities – while this data is interesting I would say that it is only an introduction. It is not an anthropological study but it is still curious to ask how many of those professors are women? what are their ages? is the median age of a women when she joins similar to those of man? What is the distribution over the different sub-fields (i.e. are women more to theory than man?)? What is the percentage of the foreign professor or professor who did not took their undergrad studies in the US?

This is a nice starting point and there are many other things that can be done with this data. 


Good runner, bad investor? – An empirical evidence \ variation on Kahneman and Tversky “Cognitive Biases” but a nice one.


Link shortening – short, elegant links satisfy both technological standards (twitter 140 char limit) and  human needs for short links which fit in line. Apparently those links cause much overhead due to the redirection, harm user experience and worth a lot of money.


Hacker News aggregation – I’m probably the last one to find out but for me it is an easier way to follow new links in Hacker News.



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