5 interesting things (14/6/2014)

My little helper – search engine for code examples and use cases. I haven’t yet tried that “live” when I needed something, but I hope I will remember it next time.


Httpie and Percol – two unrelated tools but I see a lot of similarity between them as they try to change the common way we do things on command line. Http try to make curl requests more human understandable and percol which try to make filtering using piping more interactive. Reminds me a bit of edinting in sublime.




Python 3 is good for you – A bit long but very interesting. Overview 10 features which are new in Python 3. There were recently a lot of posts around the web discussing whether Python 3 is better than Python 2.x, whether Python 3 should be rolled back and buried forever etc. This is one of the most informative posts (although it could be summarized and shorter) I have read. I think that one of the main reasons organization don’t currently move to Python 3 beside the fact the people and organization don’t love changes is because it is an expensive process (mainly compatibility) and  even this post does not succeed in convincing with its’ added value.


Are we humans or are we dancerssorry computers 


Kernel tricks – very clear post about kernel trick which also make clear additional machine learning terminology and the examples are very good. I would say that this is a very good post for beginners-intermediates in Machine Learning. Going the extra mile would be writing something similar about PCA has it has a lot of similar ideas.



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