5 interesting things (26/08/2014)

Gooey – Command line to application! Very cool. Works  by mapping ArgumentParser to GUI objects. Very cool and make it easier to make instant tools to play around the office. Future tasks include supporting in more themes, different arg parses (e.g docopt http://docopt.org/), etc. I believe there is much potential in this project.


Datamesh – stats command line tool. I like working for the command line, at least to begin with and to feel data before doing complex things, this tool is really what I need. However, the documentation is missing \ not clear enough \ open source style.  


In that sense, q, http://harelba.github.io/q/, is also very cool and answer the need to things and speak in the same framework in different tasks. 

Getting started with Python internals – how to dive to the deep water. Very enriching post which also include links to other interesting posts.


python-ftfy – unicode strings can be very painful when it includes special characters as umlauts (ö), html tags (>) and everything users can think of :). The goal of this package is to at least partly ease this pain.


Fraud detection Lyft vs Uber – I think that the interesting part here is the data visualization as tool to understand the problem better. 


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