5 interesting things (06/11/2014)

Geeks pleasure – fulling math. Creating two images (and actually every type of document) with the same md5 hash.
Django vs Flask vs Pyramid – Python has a great open source community which is growing rapidly. One of the advantages is having several solution to the same or to near by problems. This post compares between 3 well known Python web frameworks – Django, Flask and Pyramid.
From my point of view working with Django and Flask. Flask is like riding a motorcycle while Django is Tank. Django is more tightly coupled with SQL backedend and the relevant dependencies and plugins while Flask allow quick, light functionality.
The Science of Crawl – half related to a project I currently do. Those two posts concern to problems that everyone how indexed and \ or crawled data faced with.
The invisible wall – 25 years later and the invisible wall still separates east from west in Germany. Beside living in Berlin visualizations convey the point very well.

Toolz – we all know the term design patterns. Toolz provides implementation pattern. Everyday utilities every developer needs – iterators, dictionaries, etc. Two links – blog post with  common use cases and Toolz documentation.




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