5 interesting things (14/12/2014)

Twitter analytics with Spark – I really enjoyed this post from several reasons. First because the need and the way that lead to the solution is clear and well explained. Second, it uses a novel approach, mining social network for non trivial uses. Moreover, querying the app resulted a very nice results which is not trivial. I missed some reasoning \ explanation in the app. I.e., better understanding the connections between two organizations. I also wonder about the velocity the relations change. The technical part was interesting as well although I haven’t got to work with Spark so far.
Teaching creative – I really love to teach and I also try to adjust the methods, content, example to the audience and to be as creative as I can and to be passionate about the content. I believe that this way the audience will remember what I talked about. Also to be hands on help to remember and understand. This post which demonstrates creativity on so many levels is amazing and is very inspiring.

Databases compression
 – Summarizes the high level and things to know about each database very well. A good starting point when evaluating several solutions.
Experiments at AirBnB – Although I usually prefer to read about private people that did something cool with data I like AirBnB’s data blog as there is always something interesting to read about. This time it is about experiments, the very trendy “AB testing”. It raises
DevOps bookmarks – devops tools and frameworks. An aggregator, reminds assume * but very tempting implementation.

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