5 interesting things (10/08/2015)

rrrepo –  at first glance it looked me like a checklist site and then I understood it is a repository of links. I tried to register, explore and create a site and I think they have many usability issues, some issue for example –
  • After registering I expected to get some mail confirming my registration and to automatically log into the site. It was unclear how to log into the site.
  • Wanted to create a repo in the name which already exists, wanted to navigate to it but I was redircted to somewhere else.
  • Exploring new repositories is not very clear.
  • Privacy settings.
  • When logged in, user is redirected to the news feed and cannot visit the home page or log out.
I have a bit of dejavu to urli.st which was closed a while ago but with a nicer UI. It is currently on very very early stage and many improvements to be done.

Data Science blog list
 – I was like to explore new ideas and thoughts of others so this is a good starting point. Regarding the previous link (rrrepo) it can be a nice feature to import git repositories like this which is mainly links to a nice dashboard like rrrepo creates.

Composting music with recurrent neural networks
– while traditional online music services recommend users existing music maybe we can just generate users new music?

Trust me I’m a data scientist?
 –  Data scientist often explain their results to colleagues, users, clients which are not familiar with the full terminology of data science but want to make sure they can relay on the presented results. This post can make them trust you

Streaming 101
 – a 2 post series by O’reilly about streaming systems and data. This is only the first post in the series and it is packed with streaming related terminology, ideas and processing patterns. Good jump to the water for newbies.

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