5 interesting things (06/10/2015)

Restaurants recommendations – I read quite a lot about recommendation systems lately and I love this post because it talks about a restaurant domain while many of the posts related to recommendation system refers to music, television and movies. And geospatial features are very important here comparing to movie, music and television recommendations.


Data Science workflow – this blog post present a well structured approach to data science process. While I loved the structured approach the entry point – “get data, have fun with it” is twisted. I believe that when working on a product most of the time you will want to solve a problem or introduce a new feature, i.e. you already have the question you want to answer rather than explore a dataset and think about the questions you can answer with it. Also missed part of documenting you work.


AWS in plain English – or AWS for humans. If you are not that yet or not familiar with the different services this is a nice way to introduce the terminology.


Fedrer vs Djokovic – why not Nadal? it seem kind of abuse in the product but for sure it exposes the product and make some buzz.


What to do with small data – big data is one of the buzz words in the last few years. While it was previously whispered only by tech people it is now a common, well known phrase. But, many companies do not really have big data, they have few users and need to perform well for those users and one day they might have big data, many users and tons of features. Until then, there are some clues in this post.



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