5 interesting things (16/05/2016)

Similar Wikipedia Pages – This post present Wikipedia similar pages chrome extension. Phrasing this in other words it is a recommendation system for Wikipedia pages. They are not the first one to do it Wikiwand as well as Wikipedia themselves (in Beta) created such a feature. They compare the result a bit and it would have been interesting to have deeper dive to it. One obvious difference between them and Wikipedia is that while Wikipedia can analyze user behavior and use collaborative filtering or a hybrid approach they only have access to the content data. However they can possibly integrate page view data or edit data to inspect trends and to integrate more temporal data in their recommendations.



Cron best practices – while it is a very common to set a cron job it is sometime not fully understood – which user runs the command, where is it run, where to put the scripts, orcehstrating cron jobs and so on. A life hack post.



Resume Dreamer – since the release of TensorFlow as open source many people experience with TensorFlow in different tasks and settings and share their work. This post by untapt team show their efforts on generating CV using TensorFlow. While the task is amusing and one could think of it as a draft to their own CV I lack some technical details about the process. Sawing that the engine recognized the paragraph structure I wonder how it will deal with dates patterns.



Apache Libcloud – Python library for interacting with many of the popular cloud service providers using a unified API. This library have two major use cases as far as I see it – migration between different providers and working with multiple providers on a regular base which I believe is rare. In both cases this package can decrease the “lock-in” to specific provider and that’s good thing.



Graph DataFrames -Databricks expose GraphFrames – graph processing library for Apache Spark. The functionality of Apache Spark is extended step by step and now it is time for Graph algorithms. My guess is that the query syntax will change a bit in the future to support user defined functions and so on but that’s a start.



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