5 Berlin Data Native 2016 Highlights

  1. Super Mario from Microsoft (Daniel Molnar) – Data Janitor 101, one of the best reasoned talks I heard for a long time.
  2. Andrew Clegg, data scientist @ Etsy gave an historic review on Semantic Similarity and Taxonomic Distance and how it is used in Etsy. Slides are here.
  3. Topic Modeling on Github repositories – presented by Vadim Markovtsev from source{d}. Why is that interesting? Few possible evolutions – code quality, natural language to code. Also interesting direction to have a look on – bigartm.
  4. Data Thinker – Is it a new role? Is it just a buzzword? Klaas Bollhoefer from the Unbelievable Machine presented their ideas.
  5. Databases – The Choice is YoursPhilipp Krenn from Elastic presented his view on the databases field.

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