5 interesting things (4/11/2018)

Deep density networks and uncertainty in recommender systems – Yoel Zeldes and Inbar Naor from Taboola engineering team published a series of posts (4 so far) about uncertainty in models – where this uncertainty comes from, how one can explore and use this uncertainty, etc. This post series relates to a paper they present in the workshop in this year KDD conference.

First post – https://engineering.taboola.com/using-uncertainty-interpret-model/

Decision tree visualization – this post will be part of The Mechanics of Machine Learning by Terence Parr and Jeremy Howard. The post discusses the creating of dtreeviz from several aspects – considerations regarding visualizing decisions trees, comparison to current tools, implementation details, etc. Fascinating read.

The Tale of 1001 Black Boxes – many words were already spilled about the model Amazon used trying to automate their HR system. I like this one as I believe it explains the pitfalls clearly even to someone how is not an ML professional and it tries to grow from this point.

Lessons Learned from Applying Deep Learning for NLP Without Big Data – in the last 2 years everyone are doing deep learning but to be honest one of the very common issues in the industry is not having enough labeled data and thus deep learning can not always being applied. This post suggest few techniques to overcome not having enough data for NLP tasks.

Machine Learning for Health Care course – a paper a day keeps the doctor away. Not this doctor 😉

Syllabus of Princeton Machine Learning for Health Care course (COS597C) given by Barbara Engelhardt. The reading list is very varied (from NLP to vision through reinforcement learning) and interesting. I definitely add at least some of those papers to my queue.


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