5 interesting things (23/04/21)

You Are Probably Not Making The Most of Pandas “read_csv” Function – this might seems trivial and everything can be found in the documentation but it is well served here with many examples.

Disasters I’ve seen in a microservices world – I experienced most of the disasters described in this post and totally agree with the bottom line – “These edge cases become the new normal at a certain scale, and we should cope with them.”


Chess2Vec – while there are many x2Vec works in recent years this work is passion-based. The writer informatics profess that wanted to apply the algorithm to a hobby of his – chess. I think this is a great example of side project and I would love to see more such combinations.

Driving Cultural Change Through Software Choices – there are several approaches on who to drive changes this post presents a somehow more immediate approach, straight-forward and role model approach. The author’s idea is that if you choose or provide the tools that reflect your values your team will also adopt them.


Letter to (new) managers – an insightful post for managers and people who strive to become managers. Two quotes I liked – “Trust is consistency over time” and “We start managing others the way we manage ourselves, but to do better, we need to learn new tools and use them adaptively.”. Managing others the way we manage ourselves is one of the most common mistakes I saw managers do and I try to be super aware to it myself.



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