5 interesting things (19/08/2021)

The 7 Branches of Software Gardening – “A small refactoring a day keeps the tech debt away ” (paraphrasing^2). Great examples of small activities and improvments every developer can make on a daily basis and would pile up to big impact.


What is the right level of specialization? For data teams and anyone else – I like Erik Bernhardsson’s posts, I linked to them more than once in the past. Bernhardsson highlights the tensions between being very professional and specific (“I only ETL process on Wednesdays 15:03-16:42 on Windowss Machines”) versus being less proficient in more concepts and technologies . And this leads us to the next item.


7 Key Roles and Responsibilities in Enterprise MLOps – in this post Domino Data Lab introduce their view about the different roles and responsibilities in MLOps \ Data teams. For sure it is more suitable in enterprises, small and even medium companies cannot afford themselves and sometimes don’t need all those roles and as suggested in Erik Bernhardsson’s post, very specific specializaion make it harder to move people between teams according to the organization needs. Having said that, title is a signal (inside and outside the organizaiton) of what a person likes to do and which capabilities (no necessarily specific tools) s\he are probable to have.


The Limitations of Chaos Engineering – I decided to read a bit about Chaos engineering as I never experienced with it before and came across this post which is almost 4 years old. While it is important to validate the reselience of our architecture and its’ implementation de facto, the common practice of fault injection also has its limitations which is good to know.


It’s Time to Retire the CSV – if you ever worked with CSV you probably see this title and yell “Hell Yes!“. If you want to gain an historic view and few more arguments have a look here –



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