Davies-Bouldin Index

TL;DR – Yet another clustering evaluation metric Davies-Bouldin index was suggested by David L. Davies and Donald W. Bouldin in “A Cluster Separation Measure” (IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence. PAMI-1 (2): 224–227. doi:10.1109/TPAMI.1979.4766909, full pdf) Just like Silhouette score, Calinski-Harabasz index and Dunn index, Davies-Bouldin index provide an internal evaluation schema. I.e. the […]

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5 interesting things (28/08/2016)

Joel test for Data Science – the inspiration and adjustment to data science done in Domino, both were interesting reads for me. https://blog.dominodatalab.com/joel-test-data-science/ What I Wish I Knew About Data For Startups – I speciialy related to documenting and testing events tracking. I was surpsirsed about how little this topic and its best practices are discussed. http://www.jeannicholashould.com/what-I-wish-I-knew-about-data-for-startups.html […]

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5 Python NLP pacakges

NLP is a broad term which contains many types of question and challenges such as – language detection, Part-of-Speech tagging, relation extraction, named entity recognition, OCR, speech recognition, sentiment extraction and many more. There are of course, several Python libraries which try to tackle some of those problems. This post aims to provide a short […]

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PyData Berlin 2016 #pydatabln

I got a diversity scholarship from Num Focus to attend the PyData Berlin event. Num Focus is an NGO which supports open source data science projects among them – Jupyter, matplotlib, Numpy, pandas etc. This post is not a summary of the events or of the talks that I attended in but rather hints to a […]

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