Five interesting things (25/10/2015)

Whatsapp CLI – control you server using Whatsapp. The next step for me is to connect my home (heating, lights, doors) and control it via Whatsapp. To be honest I assume that some such implementations exists.

Receipt parser – A project which was created as part of Trivago Hackathon. I actually thought about the need of this product many times – first for personal accounting, keep an eye on my spending. Second for taking it to the next steps – alerts about things I should buy, alerts for buying things I don’t need and alerts for cheaper prices.

Time magazine visual trends – good ideas are priceless and when the implementation is also clean, nice and reveals interesting insights it is even more exciting.

Google spreadsheet to ElasticSearch – to tell the truth, I could not think of a worse architecture than to use Google spreadsheet as a database (or a proxy in the way to a DB). Having said that, Elastic release a google spreadsheet plugin to import spreadsheet content to ElasticSearch instance.

Snakefooding python – snakefood is a tool to create graph dependencies. This post show the dependency graphs for some very common python libraries (Flask, django, Celery, requests, etc.). It presents the pros and cons of using snakefood, what it exposes and what it does not expose (many small files -> many imports -> complex dependency graph vs one file, spaghetti code -> no imports -> very clear simple graph). I find it as a tool that supports developing and detecting non necessary dependencies.


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