5 interesting things (15/11/2015)

Counting things in Python – This post spotlights very nicely and simple how Python and Pythonic writing changed over the years. One of the interesting things in this post is the analogy to natural languages. Natural languages also changes and evolve over time – slang, new phrases, out-dates expressions etc. and apparently so is programming languages.


Travelling Beer drinker problem – Figuring out the shortest road trip path to visit best microbreweries in US. Finally a good use to the travelling sales man problem :). Data science wise there is not much into this problem – connecting the dots between location data and google API but that is an exciting ground for this connection.


Hacker news 9 year statistics – analysis about Hacker news activities, volume, users and trends over the last 9 years. Interesting specially because it became such a central place to consume technology news.

Evolving strategies for an iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma tournament – I don’t get to read many posts about evolutionary algorithms or practical game theory. So such in in-depth post with python implementation is really refreshing.
Visualizing Chess data with ggplot – Although I’m not an R user I love chess (and I’m horrible player) and I loved the analysis

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