5 interesting things (10/01/2016)

Everything.me open source their inheritance – Everything.me was an Israeli startup closed few weeks ago. They now open source major parts of their code and tools including their prediction algorithm, Re:dash and others.


Python 3 module of the week – over the years Python Module of the week by Doug Hellman was one of the most reliable documentation resources for Python’s standard library. The documentation is always accompanied with very good examples to almost any functionality. It is also available as a command line tool and was translated to Chinese, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. And.. it is now updated to Python version 3.5. Kudos.


The Star wars social network – although I’m not a star wars fan I think this provides a very accessible introduction to graph algorithms and measurements.


D3 in Jupyter – an intersection between 2 tools which I use quite a lot and find very important for data scientist. Not those tools specifically but tools which make the data science magic more approachable to others so one can share its’ findings and get feedback.


Bonus – Building interactive dashboards with Jupyter – http://blog.dominodatalab.com/interactive-dashboards-in-jupyter/

Tl;dr man page – given a bash command creates a tldr of the man page. More of a gimmick but a nice one.



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