5 interesting things (24/01/2015)

Top 30 books ranked by total number of links to Amazon in Hacker News comments – I must say this analysis surprises me. First because of the low numbers – most common book was mentioned only 53 times. Second, I expected “The Lean Startup” to be one of the 30 top books. I guess one of the caveats as described in the post itself are the links themselves that may differ a bit or change over the years and therefore hard to match.


LDA2VEC – getting the best from both worlds LDA + word2vec. Stitch fix definitely brand themselves as one of the leading companies  technology and research wise doing some very interesting things.


Automatic colorizing – coloring gray scale images using deep learning. There are many works now trying and checking tensor flow particularly and deep learning on general. I really liked this case, maybe also because it uses a set which was already trained for other purposes.
Gestures Typing – First of all I liked the question – answer format of the post. The post looks for an optimal keyboard. But what is optimal keyboard? depends who you ask. On the other hand I think qwerty (or qwertz in Germany) is such a strong standard that I wonder what will make it change.
Roomba + voice recognition – problems of the very rich part of the world. Yesterday night we spoke with friends which complained their Roomba sometimes get stuck in all kind of corners, cable and so on in their house. We talked about several ideas to solve it, one was voice command and this morning I found a guy which already tried it –

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