5 interesting things (22/03/2016) – Hebrew

I usually don’t post link to posts in Hebrew because the audience is limited. This time I decided to make Hebrew Special. I appreciate people writing about technology in Hebrew from several reasons – audience and feedback are limited, not all the terms exists in Hebrew, indentation, etc. It took me a while to write this post. To find 5 blogs I can really recommend on. I hope all those blogs will keep being active and some more will join them.
This time the links are not to specific posts but to blogs.

Reversim – a podcast for developers but not only for them. Blog \ podcast was founded by Ran Tavori and Ori Lahav and is almost 7 years old now. They also hold an annual summit in Israel. There are several kind of sub-series \ chapter types, my favorite is Bumpers which is a monthly survey of cool things Ran Tavory and friends bumped into that month.

Software Archiblog – this blog is written by Lior Bar-On which is currently a Chief Architect @ Gett. On one hand there are deep dive post to AWS services, GO language on so on. On the other hand there are softer posts regarding processes, choosing technology stack, time management and so on.

the bloggerit – blog by Hadas Sheinfeld, former VP product at ClickTale. This blogs runs now for almost 8 years. The only female writer in this post. Although Reversim host many people from time to time, I don’t remember the last time they hosted a female guest. She writes about product, organizational culture as well as on other topics from a wider angle.

Navi Sheker – the name of the blog refers to the bible meaning “False prophet” and the subtitle of the blog is “Prophecy was given to fools” which is from Baba Batra one the books in the Mishnah. The posts in this blog mostly analyze twitter chatter and google search in Hebrew, sometimes with correlation to actual events.

I, Code – Comparing to the other blogs this one is relatively young one – few months old. Hopefully it will be active in a year from now (and more of course).  The posts in this blog are mostly code samples in Python and CSS. I like the post about how to secure your home in less than 80 lines of code.


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