4 interesting things (24/06/2021) – Hebrew

5 years ago I published a blog post about 5 blogs I read in Hebrew. three of those are still live and kicking and I enjoy them (reversim, software archiblog, the bloggerit) the other two are no longer active. Additionally, in those 5 years podcasts became much more popular so I also included 2 podcasts I listen to.

Maya writes algorithms – Maya started this blog while studying for job interviews. In the first posts she presented questions she bumped into and her solutions (and the stream of thought that brought her to those solutions). Later posts also include writing about specific tools (e.g kubectl, git hooks) or interpersonal skills like talking in conferences, being prepared for a code review, etc.


Internet Israel – Ran Bar Zik is a very experienced Full stack developer and Tech journalist who is also well known for his dad jokes. He writes mostly about Front End and security (but not only) and published several books about software development in Hebrew (those are usually very hard to find).


Big Picture (podcast) – a podcast about tech and strategy. Each episode is a deep dive into the strategy of one company such as snapchat, spotify, twilio, etc.


No Tarbut (podcast)- podcast about the daily life of software engineering teams. The topics range from more tech related episodes such as  monitoring, tools, etc. to so-called softer topics such as performance review, leading without authority, salary discussion, creating an inclusive culture. 



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