5 interesting things (20/06/2021)

9 Steps to Software Project Handovers – handover is always a challenge and especially when a person leaves the organization and is no longer available for questions or able to access the resources. Similar issues can also arise when you leave the project for a while and then come back – you don’t alway remember all the tricks you used to run the code or the tiny bits of each function. This post suggests practical steps and behaviours that many of them can be TL;DRed with the Zen of Python – “Explicit is better than implicit.”.

How to make an awesome Python package in 2021 – this post is a walk through building a python package. My main issue with it is the dependency management. I would put it in a different file, separate the development and usage dependency and lock the version – or shortly would rather use pipenv or poetry instead of pip but this could also be achieved with pip.


A Simple Framework for Software Engineering Management – the suggested framework is indeed easy – 3 types of responsibilities (people management, delivery leadership and technical system ownership) vs 3 ranks of priorities (issues, things that are ok, ideas and aspirations). This framework is a good starting point for engineering leaders but also for engineers that can switch the people management with colleagues relations or similar or for personal growth. 


Full Cycle Data Science (FCDS) – this is a heavy read but worth it both for data practitioners  and managers. Data science projects fail often. Sometimes it is because the problem is not defined well, other times because there is not enough data, data is not relevant, etc. FCDS tries to cast light and solve some of those problems – “In a nutshell, FCDS is a way of life that enables a single data practitioner to close the full product lifecycle and independently deliver end-to-end products, focusing only on where they bring added value”.

Endorse People Publicly, and Other Actions for Allies –  Better Allies is an approach of making everyday actions to create inclusive and engaging workplaces. This post is a weekly newsletter where Karen Catlin (Advocate for Inclusive Workplaces) shares five simple actions to create a more inclusive workplace and be a better ally. This is a weekly reminder to be aware of biases and gaps and ideas to small and consistent changes that can make us and the people around us more comfortable and help everyone be the best version of themselves.


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